“When I began sessions with Elsa, I was unable to smell anything. From our work together, my sinuses have opened up and I can smell everything, from flowers and strawberries to people’s body odor and the trash of the New York streets. I used to have very painful periods, needing to take several pills of Ibuprofen, and now I have no menstrual pain.

Elsa and I have been working together weekly for four months, and from every session I learn something new. In our first meeting, I learned how to breathe. I now know self-love from an experiential and physical standpoint, not just from a mental or emotional level. The method she uses is effective because it brings all of these different elements together — it’s easy to forget that we are not one-dimensional beings.
Physical effects are only part of the results. My mind is calm and my soul sings after every session. Everything in my body feels connected. I feel more at peace with myself, more vulnerable and more sensitive, and more aware of how my energy impacts people. Life is just easier. I’m in tune with what’s inside of me and able to project it externally.
I sometimes come into sessions with an intention, but I am always surprised that Elsa finds a root cause — what actually needs to be worked on. After sessions, I feel beautiful and notice a difference in the mirror. The feeling of glow stays with me for days afterward.
Elsa’s touch is energized with love. Her gift of healing and ability to find points of pain in the body that I didn’t even know existed is extraordinary. Elsa’s work made my growth journey more structured and far deeper.” 
Marina Scukina, advertising professional, New York City

“Elsa is all elements and a benevolent and formidable storm in a serene and beaming human suit. And even so, when faced with your own stormy interior manifest, her serenity is solidly in place. If your earth, fire, wind and/or water surge at her she opens her arms, shouts a welcome, and waves it all in. In this strength and calm, there is also incisive perception, unblinking intuition. She’ll use both to challenge you, beckon you (always up, never down, even if your ego is convinced you’re headed down), pull and push you toward your secrets, your illusions and truths, your beams of light and dusty corners, and ultimately your greatness and unadulterated power… Oh and it’s wild… because, in my experience working with her, some key sources of one’s personal greatness and power DON’T always look great or even good. They look like useless flaws. They look like one’s shadows… but with Elsa beside you, you’ll learn how to hold yourself, wield light and embrace shadow, so that you are buddingly, untippingly formidable. When signing on to her women’s circle I expected to grow some and be grateful… I did not expect to be taken to the edge of myself, accepted as I fell away, and feel open, radiant, and repaired by the impact of my fall. To feel so capable. To be so grateful toward something so challenging and the person who held the space for me and pushed me into the stars. Elsa is uncanny and fantastic. Work with her and you will know and love yourself even more and more healthily than you currently even imagine you can.”
Naomi Ruiz, writer, Oakland, CA

“As a musician, the physical nature of sound production and performance is often combative against the spirit and artistic voice. We often search for remedies to physical pain and tension through various exercises – swimming, yoga, and various kinds of body work through methods such as Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, and many others.

Elsa’s bodywork is unique in that she builds a spiritual connection with her client, and uses this as an avenue to accessing physical trust. Consequently, this visceral trust between her approach to bodywork and the release of spiritual and physical tension is not only very welcome but necessary for the musician to continue this exploration and understanding of the body through a physical and spiritual approach simultaneously. It is enlightening of one’s thoughts, soothing and provocative. One leaves a session not only with a more open mind but with more trust towards oneself.

I recommend Elsa highly to all musicians and artists who regularly engage their body in physical performance! She is extremely sensitive and intuitive towards the client’s initial thoughts and reactions, and uniquely responsive to what the client perceives and supplementing that perception with bodywork that helps the body orient itself towards that self-perception. As musicians and performers frequently undergo this reconciliatory process in their own work, Elsa’s bodywork is an extremely important experience.”

Max Tan, concert violinist, Artist Diploma, Juilliard School of Music

“My treatment with Elsa was deeply healing. I came to her with some physical aches and pains, and yet with the help of her generous spirit and ability to sense patterns in my body, she guided me to release the far deeper emotional tension lying beneath my physical complaints. As a massage therapist myself, I know how many sessions it can take to relieve pain, and was surprised at how much an emotional release could relieve my discomfort in a single session.
Elsa has skilled hands and a grounded intuition. She is my go-to therapist for emotional healing and balancing, alongside my talk therapist, as she can release and uncover areas of the unconscious body that seems to make talk therapy even more effective.”
Ihotu Jennifer Ali, massage therapist and doula, Minneapolis

“With only a few questions and touches to my feet, legs, and hips, I was crying harder than I have in years. After some time, my crying slowly stopped. I felt waves of energy flowing through my entire body like an ocean. Lying there, feeling this vibration, I have never felt more powerful in my life. Afterward, I felt very light, calm, and full of joy. Since this experience, I find myself much more aware of my emotions, when I’m holding them back and how to make space for myself to release them if it is not an appropriate time. I still have no clue how Elsa found where all of these emotions were hiding in my body.”

Kayla Poirier, student, New York City

“If you are looking for a massage that goes beyond physical bodies and administers to your psyche and your heart then you have found the right person. Her tender no-nonsense approach allows her to administer the work deftly and with care. The intense work of getting into deep rooted muscle memory of trauma with Elsa is as if I had experienced the defining traumatic situation with the presence of a guardian angel to hold me whilst I cried.

Elsa is a powerful practitioner; she gives full dedication to her work both in sessions and outside. Her practice is wonderfully deep and well rounded. Not only did my body reach relaxation and suppleness, my heart was clearer too.

She’s my go-to. Her acceptance of the unusual and her space of non-judgment is a rare and fine thing. Thank you Elsa.”

Saeng-Fah Graham, healer and doula, London

“I had an incredibly powerful session with Elsa. Our work together ignited  such electricity and vibrancy in my body that I hadn’t felt in quite some time. By allowing myself to go where and how my body wanted to move and trusting Elsa in her intuitive guidance, I was reminded how powerful this physical form is and that I am home here. Home in this body as an energetic Light BEing of the Universe. I cried, I wailed, I let out a song from deep within the roots of my Essence. I felt all my ancestors, guides, Angels and Higher Self as I released old programs and beliefs that were outdated, no longer of service. This healing led me to my sacral chakra, my sensual expression as Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine dance. I saw the mirror that said ‘I don’t think I deserve to feel good’ change to ‘I am worthy of receiving pleasure and feeling amazing in it! I receive bliss, YES!!!’ I am Ignited, I am Radiant, I am Awake. Thank you, Elsa!

If you are looking to unlock the gates to exactly who you are and breathe deep breaths of love and honor, book a session with Elsa.”

Aweli Juls Partyka, healer, traveling

“The dedication that Elsa has to her work translates powerfully in the way that she heals, the way that she speaks, listens, and plays.

Our session has opened me in ways that I can actually feel bringing light and freeness into my life, and has given me the ability to share that with everyone I connect with.

Though I was feeling closed off, her work took me out of my head space and into my body, where I was desperately needed. My mind stopped chattering and questioning. I felt almost as if I was suspended in light. As I slowly sat up and got off of the table, I felt as if I had been filled with energy.

What I have noticed since working with Elsa has been subtle but incredible. I am able to listen to my body, and not feel strange about what it wants to do. Her work is going far beyond her work-space and city.”

Jessica Deveney, student, Cleveland

“It has been a week since I worked with Elsa and so much has surfaced. My self-awareness has increased and things from my past are coming up for healing. I have been able to feel some physical relief in my right side shoulder and neck. I recommend this gentle and profound process for anyone wanting to continue their growth through mind-body work and experience the amazing force of healing that Elsa channels. I felt at ease and supported through the entire process and she was great with follow-up support as well.”

Dieniz Costa, women’s empowerment coach, New York City

“For me, the effects were most powerful sexually. The bodywork allowed me to be more in tune and open to physical sensation. After the session I was able to have multiple orgasms when it was not possible before (!!!).

Elsa tapped into deep sources of tension and as a result, I felt much more open, receptive, and relaxed, both physically and mentally. I will definitely be going back to Elsa many more times.”

Katherine Liao, manager for musicians, Los Angeles

“I loved having a group of women with whom I could open up intimately and feel understood and supported. Elsa meets you wherever you are in life. Even through video chat, she exudes this vibrant energy. She senses tendencies or feelings that I hadn’t been aware or mindful of before—it’s remarkable. Her exercises are sometimes challenging and push you to uncomfortable places but it is such a relief to confront and work through these blockages! It’s also reassuring to have a community that reminds you to love yourself when you fall off the self care wagon and forget. I couldn’t recommend the women’s group more highly! It helped me get through a really tough period in my life, and while I still have a lot of work to do, I feel overwhelmingly grateful to have Elsa in my corner!

The sessions made me realize things I didn’t even know I wanted or needed. I feel more empowered to speak my desires now. I feel like I have gotten better at communicating, or at the very least, being honest about my confusion, and communicating it to others. I feel less alone in my struggles and triumphs, and more satisfied in my relationships with people.”

Lee-Ann Song, student of the culinary and creative arts, Boston, MA

“As the year comes to a close, I have been thinking about what this year has brought to me and what I have brought to this year. In both of them, it’s been impossible to not think about how our work has transformed me. I can say this now because I know I feel it and am not saying it for the sake of saying it. After our coaching, there were times I was in my lows and feared that I lapsed back to my old self. Yet time and again, I learned to recognize, live with, and embrace my emotions, my body, my thoughts — just about every part of myself. The recognition often surfaces from the subconscious to the conscious. I wouldn’t say you did all this wonder for me but you helped me find myself, or rather, accept what has always been there. That’s why, as I later came to realize, I get to carry our work with me all this time, long after our formal sessions have already ended.”

Sara Wang, classical pianist, Berlin, Germany

“Elsa taught me the gifts of presence and connection. Six women united on a call, sinking into the awareness of our bodies, sensations grew more palpable and potent as we allowed ourselves to show up vulnerably and authentically—whether we felt feisty, mellow, sad, tense, giddy, playful or seemingly contradictory emotions all at once. Stripped of our masks and pretense, dropping in together, we began by tuning in to what we each felt: perhaps the warmth and buzzing of cheeks, the tingling of feet, nausea and swimming in the belly, the swelling and clamping of the throat, a fluttering in the chest, pulsing in the pussy. Like peeling back layers of an onion, the deeper we penetrated sensation, I touched new places inside of me, like an adolescent awakening to arousal, at once liberating, euphoric and terrifying. And honestly, sometimes the intensity of sensation reached such a crescendo I curled inward to decompress after each call. But what I developed, both quickly and gradually, is an increasing ability to stay present with myself and to hold connection with others. Even after the group concluded, the process is still unfolding for me. I am continually surrendering to the discomfort of “sticking with it” and through that, experiencing the ecstasy of feeling.

Elsa taught me the power of being a disruptive woman, and not playing small. The world needs more women like Elsa who choose to be “right” with herself and not by society’s standards. A woman claiming her space, not people pleasing, not conforming or contorting to appease the comfort of another—particularly other women. The more we dove into playing big and owning our superpowers, the more we were uplifted by one another’s audacity and light. I admitted my gnawing jealousies of my sisters, and without shrinking or apologizing, they held space for me to admit and process my feelings. “

Kristin Butler, editor, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

“Elsa is brilliant at her craft to assist a couple in coming closer and in deeper alignment. She read our patterns quickly and easily, and helped us move into deeper intimacy. She noticed patterns that had kept us stuck and in releasing them, we have more fun on ALL the levels. I highly recommend her work to grow in deeper love with yourself and your partner.”

Maria Palumbo, intimacy coach, Los Angeles