Most people don’t know how well it’s possible to feel.

Clients come to sessions for a wide array of reasons. These range from physical pain, to a domain in your life where they feel not-their-best (emotionally or mentally), or to expand a quality they would like more of. Some come only with their curiosity—with an unexplainable intuitive pull—and discover their ability to feel more at ease and more powerful than ever before.

The session begins with a conversation to uncover together a potential intention. The work consists of touch—to the muscle as in massage, but also lighter to the skin and deeper to the bone. It can also include more active movement, work with breath and verbal description of sensations. At the end of the session, the client is given a few minutes to rest alone in the room, covered with blankets, for the body to integrate the work. It is advisable to schedule some free time after the session in order to allow any new sensations or reactions to the world outside.